Man vs Pc the Great Debate

Topics: Apple Inc., Macintosh, Personal computer Pages: 2 (806 words) Published: March 24, 2013
PC vs. MAC: The Great Debate

Want to start a fight between computer users? Bring up one simple question: PC or Mac? Windows advocates will start accusing Mac users of being members of a fan boy cult. Mac fans will maintain that Windows users are the undiscerning owners of hunks of generic junk. It’s a pretty undignified squabble; not unlike talking about religion or politics. Myself, I prefer to be diplomatic: I recommend both Windows PCs and Macs all the time, and use them both, too. The PC-or-Mac debate has been raging for more than a quarter-century, but making sense of it requires considering several important characteristics.

Venture into the computer department of a store like Best Buy, and you will find several computers priced well under $1,000 and just a handful over that $1,000 barrier. The former are almost all Windows machines, and many are respectable choices. The latter, however, are nearly all from Apple — hence the collective perception that Macs are way overpriced. Every time I do the math, though, I come to the conclusion that the cost of Macs is not out of line with that of similar Windows machines. Apple is not selling $750 notebooks for $1,500 — its portables tend to have aluminum cases rather than plastic ones, are typically thinner and lighter than garden-variety laptops and run longer on a battery charge than many of their Windows brethren. You will find when you compare specification to specification, the Mac systems come out less expensive almost every time. The best thing by far about Windows PCs is the sheer unending variety of choices. They come in every size from teeny-tiny to extra-large. There are boxes with touchscreens, Blu-Ray players for high-definition movies, and TV tuners that let you watch and record cable and satellite TV. There is PC high performance gaming systems that a Mac cannot come close to. You can buy a PC that is pink, or transparent, or designed to be as close to indestructible as possible. Apple,...
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