Man vs Machine in the Work Force

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  • Published : February 21, 2007
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Man vs. Machine

What if you were to go to work one day and find out that your boss had fired EVERYONE? Better yet, what if you then went home that same day and found everyone sitting in the living room with the same news of being let go? As technology expands more into our work place, it may have a great effect as to whether we have a job or employment in the future. Robot nation, by Robert Bain states that, "people are generally said to be lazy and always looking for the easy way to do things". Technology has answered this aforementioned quest by making machines that are able to do our work for us. Examples of this are automatic mail sorters, McDonald's hamburger patty flippers, self service line at grocery stores and even web sites like Could this type of technology lead to our ultimate economic and social ending? How far should we take this technological help? Since we have robots/machines helping us with our jobs now, why don't we just design machines to do our entire job for us? Soon we will be faced with a moral and ethical dilemma concerning the use of artificial intelligence in our work place as technology reaches greater heights. I believe we need to limit the technology that we allow into our working and private lives as it will at some point go from a positive to a negative for us as a whole. I will give you a few examples of why we need to limit the technology we allow into our workforce. These examples include future effects on our economics, the negative aspects of a full robotic workforce also known as "human replacements", the ethical/morality of the issue and a few thoughts from the people who defend and are for the replacement of humans for machines in our work force. How will technology impact our economic situation? If we keep the technological pace that we are currently on in our workplace, our economy will falter to extreme levels never seen before. People are what move our economy by the exchange of...
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