Man: the Maker of His Own Destiny

Topics: Destiny, Bill Gates, Serpent Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: October 18, 2010
“ MAN “ : The maker of his own destiny ?

Destiny- a word with which we are all quite familiar; what does it actually mean / The dictionary suggests that it is an unavoidable fate or invincible necessity. What makes it so important is the imperative role it plays in our lives. Man, who is said to be the most developed and well equipped creature is said to have become the shaper of his own providence. But he fails to understand that there are certain forces that are not subject to him.

Some of us allow ourselves to believe that yes,”I am the maker of my destiny and that nothing can hinder my ways to success”. We often talk about our future ahead with great confidence but forget that we depend on circumstances. Calamities of nature have proved time and again that man cannot change certain things how much ever he tries. Well, the 118 men in Russian submarine that sank IN 2001 would never have dreamt of such a watery death neither the pilgrims going to vaishnu devi would have thought of a landslide. In that case they would’t have been there.

‘Hard work is the key to success’- no doubt but there are certain other things that matter too. Here, I am not going against hard word but only partly for it. No one can undermine the role played by ‘hard work’ – one must work hard but it is not hard slogan alone that brings one success. A poor farmer hopeful of a bountiful harvest is at the mercy of nature and so is the fisherman.

Today, Bill gates is the richest man in the world and he achieved this position because he brought out his software at the opportune moment when America needed it most. Thus, there are outside forces like opportunities that help people to bring glory to themselves.

Well, if a man is alone the architect of his own destiny then we would all be agnostics of athesists because then we would be refuting the part played by god in our lives. The words written in gold say,’ Do your best and god will do the rest’. If man was soley and completely...
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