Man on Wire

Topics: The Documentary, Dream, The Passion of the Christ Pages: 3 (1039 words) Published: November 5, 2010
Dreams of a Mad Man
After a person’s dreams have been crushed many times or even just once, they give up on that dream as well as forming new dreams. This is precisely why we admire Philippe; he has so much passion, and he refuses to give up-- no matter the circumstances. We envy him for his persistence, his abilities, and for his beauty. After all this, the viewers are still able to love him. We wish him luck, in hopes that he can accomplish something that we may never be able to-- accomplishing a certain dream. Philippe’s determination and perseverance sets him apart from how most people handle their ambitions. When people desire to do things that are potentially harmful, their friends try to convince them otherwise. In Philippe’s case, no one tries to sway him. This is because they know it would be impossible to influence his decision. It could also be that his friends see, and somehow feel some of the passion that Philippe feels about the subject. The documentary did a great job of depicting just how much Philippe appreciated every minute of his life. Philippe not only enjoyed the planning of his wire walk and the adrenaline rush of having to tiptoe around all the security guards patrolling the towers, but also the act of setting everything up. We can see this in his expressions, during his first few minutes on the wire his face shows complete concentration and then only a few moments later he is peaceful, the euphoric expressions on his face tell the story. Later he begins playfully teasing the cops and simply putting on a beautiful show for all the viewers below him. He accepted his arrest because he had now fulfilled this yearning to complete his dream. It is obvious that he enjoyed the publicity of doing the unthinkable, for which he was now famous-- he was a star! The film accurately portrayed the real feelings and emotions of the stunt participants. This applied not only Philippe, but his friends and the “inside” people as well. We are able to see...
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