Man on Earth

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II : B - MAN AND EARTH : Races, Cultural Regions, and Resource Management

Man and Earth. Basically when we say man, it is a person distinguished from other animals and is representing the human species. It came from the Proto-Germanic word “mannaz” or “manwaz” meaning man, person. The word developed into Old English man, mann which means human being, person (male or female); brave man, hero; servant, vassal. The Earth is a living planet where man lives. Earth is built on delicate balances; life prevails in every spot of this planet, from the atmosphere to the depths of the earth. It came from the Old English world “eorþe” meaning ground, soil, dry land and also from Middle English word “erthe”.

As time passes by man evolves together with the animals, plants and the Earth itself. Man’s earliest true ancestor appeared on earth more than 2 million years ago, but it was not until 10,000 to 15,000 years ago that his descendants had peopled almost the entire globe. The first man known to have roamed beyond the continent of Africa was Homo erectus, who appeared about 500,000 years ago. During the 200,000 years of his existence, he moved around through Ethiopia, Yemen, Oman, South Persia, Pakistan, Central Bharata (India), Burma to reach Kanchanaburi and migrated to Baan Chiang that slowly spread to different directions. Sometime, somewhere - the migration could go back to the same area and changed to the several other directions later on. Migrations depended on several factors - geography, Climate, environment, food, living conditions, and their intelligence development.

Etymology - from Middle French race meaning "people of common descent," or possibly from Italian razza "race, breed, lineage," of unknown origin

Major Races

Skull: Dolicephalic(Long-Head),High forehead,Little supraobital development. Face: Mainly Leptoproscopic( Narrow)Sometimes Meso- or even Euryproscopic, Neither Facial nor alveolar prognathism occurs except among some archaic peoples. Nose:Long,narrow,high in both root and bridge.

Skull: High incidence of Brachycephaly(Short Round Head)
American Indians while Mongoloid are often Dolicephalic.
Foreheads slightly lower than that of the Caucasoid.
No Supraobital development.
Face: Wide and short, projecting cheek bones, Prognathism rare. Shovel shaped incisors common especialy in Asia. Nose: Mesorine(Low and Broad in both root and bridge.

Skull: usually Dolicephalic, a small minority are Brachycephalic. Forehead most often high, little supraobital development.
Face: Leproscopic (to a much lesser degree than the Caucasion), Prognathism common in most Negro populations. Nose: Low & broad in root and bridge with characteristic depression at root.

Minor Races

Caucasian races
* Aryans
Tall (around 6ft-ish), Blond hair, Blue eyes. As DNA doesn't show different races, Its almost impossible to tell if this race even exists, or if its just characteristics.  The Aryan race was an expression, or ideal, used by the Nazis in Germany to describe the ultimate race they wanted to restore, or create. The Nordic people were the ideal model. It would be a pure race of white people who would be suited to rule the world. They made up an imaginary history of a pure Aryan origin to which they must return. Their first step was to exterminate all the peoples who might make their ideal race impure. They used the theory of eugenics to improve the Aryan race by strict control of reproduction. They mated beautiful women with beautiful men who possessed the desired physical attributes.  * Hamites

The view accepted by many sound ethnologists that a Hamitic (Berber) element forms the substratum of the present populations of southwest Europe and parts of the British Isles. Herodotus spoke of the ancestors of the present Bejas between the Nile and the Red Sea as "the finest of men;" and travellers describe the Galla and Somali peoples as of splendid physique,...
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