Man of the Year

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  • Published : December 10, 2007
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Man of the Year
"Politicians and diapers both have to be changed frequently, and for the same reason," quoted by the independent Presidential candidate, Tom Dobb. In Man of the Year I saw a lot of course concepts we covered this semester such as, the political parties, special interest groups, the voting system and how easy it can be corrupted. Tom Dobb was just a comedian who his audience wanted him to run for President. Tom Dobb was convinced and ran as an independent candidate and told his fans how the system is corrupted and wanted change. He promised as a presidential candidate he would not use a cent for commercials or any type of advertisement, which meant he had no special interest groups. Dobbs thought spending that money was ridicules and could be used for better reasons. When he was told he was chosen to participate in the presidential debate, he was ecstatic. This is where Dobbs stepped forward, and let all the people know how he really felt, by making jokes about the two party system, stating that the candidates should be truthful. The moderator told Dobbs to stop making a mockery out of this debate, and Dobbs replied back, this already was a mockery before I got here. Later when Dobbs found out he was elected President, Ellen found a glitch in the voting system and had to tell somebody. That somebody was Dobbs. This is where Dobbs stepped up and told the country on national television what happened.
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