Man-Made Fiber

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Part 1: Man-made Fiber

1.Fiber Name: Rayon
Spinning Method: Wet spun
Trade Name(s): Viscose Rayon, Bemberg Rayon, Micromodal Rayon Major Advantages: Highly absorbable, easy to dye, cool hand, soft drape, can be made to resemble fibers Major Disadvantages: Much weaker when wet, poor resiliency, low appearance retention, very low elasticity Common End Use(s): Woven fabrics, apparel, draperies, upholstery, technical wipes, medical supplies Major Modifications and/or associated Trade name(s):

- Optically brightened
- Lenzing FR (flame retardant)
- High Absorbancy
- Hollow cupromonium Rayon (Bemberg) (Copper)
- HWM Rayon (High Wet Modulus)
- High Tenacity Rayon (used in tire cord)
- Micro Modal Rayon (cross sections and sizes)

2.Fiber Name: Lyocell
Spinning Method: Wet spun
Trade Name(s):
Major Advantages: Strongest of all manufactured cellulose fibers, comfortable hand, nice fluid drape, can resemble many different fibers, conducts heat/electricity well Major Disadvantages: Weaker when wet, can shrink, subject to mildew damage, flammable, dryclean only, poor abrasion resistance - fibrillates Common End Use(s): Professional buisiness wear, leotards, hosiery, casual weat, upholstrey, window-treatment fabrics Major Modifications and/or associated Trade name(s):

-Tencell 100A

3.Fiber Name: Acetate
Spinning Method: Dry spun
Trade Name(s): Celanese Acetate, Celstar Acetate, Chromspun Acetate, Estron Acetate, MicroSafe Acetate Major Advantages: Good body, good drape, resistant to mildew Major Disadvantages: Poor thermal retention, weak when wet, low absorbancy, poor conductor of electricty, poor resiliency, can shrink, poor sunlight resistance, flame retardent Common End Use(s): Clothing, cigarrette filter

Major Modifications and/or associated Trade name(s):
-Different cross section & fiber sizes
-Textured (thick and thin) duppioni silk like effects
-Sunlight & weather resistant (SLR): drapery fabric
-Flame retardant

4.Fiber Name: Polyester
Spinning Method: Melt spun and drawn
Trade Name(s): Colorbrite Polyester, ComFortrel Polyester, Coolmax Polyester, Fortrel Polyester, Ultura Polyester Major Advantages: Fiberfill, heat-setting, bio-compatibility, excellent durability, excellent tenacity, excellent resiliency Major Disadvantages: Oleophilic, low absorbancy, prone to pilling, glazing Common End Use(s): Apparel, Interiors, fiberfill, nonwoven fabrics, tire cord, sporting goods, rope, cordage, filters, geotextiles, medical applications Major Modifications and/or associated Trade name(s):

-Coolmax Polyester
-Dacron Polyester

5.Fiber Name: Nylon
Spinning Method: Melt spun
Trade Name(s): Anso Nylon, Caprolan Nylon, Silky Touch Nylon, Zefsport Nylon Major Advantages: Lightweight, high strength, outstanding durability, highly resilient, shrinkage resistance, good chemical resistance Major Disadvantages: Low absorbancy, not as comfortable to wear as natural fibers, static Common End Use(s): Carpeting (primary use), upholstery, lingerie, hosiery, blends for socks, wind breakers, tire cord, car interiors, ropes, performance apparel, tennis rackets Major Modifications:

-Supplex Nylon

6.Fiber Name:Polypropylene (Olefin)
Spinning Method: Melt spun
Trade Name(s): Amco® Polypropylene, Amerfil® Polypropylene, Azdel® Polypropylene Major Advantages: Very good abrasion resistance, high tenactiy, good thermal retention, excellent appearance retention, excellent resilliency, excellent elastic recovery Major Disadvantages: Oleophilic, heat sensitve, poor absorbancy Common End Use(s): Carpet backing, dye nets, diaper cover stock, filter fabrics, bags, wall panel fabrics, envelopes, banners, geotextiles, ground cover fabrics, protective clothing Major Modifications:

-Heat stabilized
-Modified cross section
-Flame retardent

7.Fiber Name: Acrylic
Spinning Method: Dry or wet spun
Trade Name(s): Creslan Acrylic, BioFresh Acrylic, MicroSupreme...
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