Man Made Disaster Essay

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Disaster Essay
Which is worse natural disasters or man-made? Which affects more? Man-made disasters are destructive and horrific. The magnitude of man-made disasters never fades away. They are unprovoked and the agony remains in our lives forever.

It is obvious that these emotions occur during times of disaster. However, when such adversity is preventable, the effects are greater and more deeply felt. Take for instance the 9-11 terrorist attacks. This is far worser than Hurricane Ike because the 911 terrorist attacks were planned out to kill people and they were based on selfish reasons. Injury such as this, results in the collapsation of towers, the killing of innocent people and explotions. To make matters even worse, it was not only local it spread to other states.

Another tragic effect of man-made disasters occurs when the Holocaust happened because thousands of people were killed based upon their race and religion. Consider the following illustration: in the Holocaust people were starving to death, children and old people were killed with gas chambers, and adults would work for hours. This results in a world wide devastation.
A final point to consider is Hiroshima. Which occurs when there's a nuclear explotion. As a result, there's still radiation, kids are born deformed, and people are getting ill.
Obviously, one can argue that both types of disaster present similar results, however, if the goal is to asssert an opinion as to which is worse, the clear answer is man-made disasters because natural disasters are more acceptable because they are unprovoked and they are not caused by hate. To reteirate, tragedy brings human emotions to a heightened level which is compounded by feelings of hopelessness and despair, especially if we believe that it was preventable. Such bleak emotions curtailed through diplomacy, intervention, or preparation. As one authority puts it,"... in a time of crisis, our most important...
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