Man Made Climate Change Persuasive Essay

Topics: Global warming, Fossil fuel, Scientific opinion on climate change Pages: 3 (1070 words) Published: September 9, 2013
Al Gore’s well-known documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth” premiered a few years ago to emphasize human impact on climate change and how it’s negatively affecting the rest of the world. Some people think it is brainwashing audiences with propaganda while others simply enjoyed the remarkable documentary. While the subject of man-made climate change did not start as a controversial topic, now another controversy is linked to it – whether teachers should teach climate change as fact or debatable to American students. Academic institutes, school boards, teachers, climatologists, scientists, and common citizens all rose to defend their opinions on the issue. While one side argues that climate change should be taught as fact and the other claims that it should be taught as debatable, I personally believe this subject should be taught to students as factual.

One side of the debate was discussed in Neela Banerjee’s article “Climate Change Skeptism seeps into science classrooms”. The article states, “Scientific evidence shows fossil fuel consumption has caused climate to change”, meaning that there is evidence to support the fact that climate change is a result us fossil fuel digging, among other things. Though, even with ample evidence, skeptics say it’s too little or plainly refuse to believe it. Additionally, according to Susan Buhr of NOAA, even when there is evidence to prove man made climate change true, people refuse to believe it for they are bias and will not “believe” based on what they do and where they live. Especially along the South, Buhr stated, where “livelihoods have been built on extractive industries of fossil fuels”. Basically, even with evidence, people in the South will not accept that climate change is a valid point because once they admit that it is true, they will not be able to sustain themselves with the jobs of digging up fossil fuels. Climatologists also state that man-made climate change is not scientifically controversial. As said in the...
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