Man Is Destroying the Environment

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honourable madam.
respected teachers.
and judges,and all my dear fellows..
assalam o alaikum! today the topic of my speech is
“all the way to greatness is through a winding staircase” no matter how you define greatness it always requires one thing :self discipline. welive in one escator world one that is filled with shortcuts,quickfixes and distractions that make it all too easy to slide into greatness. how do successful people stay forcused and achieve results and success? success is the most important question because they are having a constant way of living. they are living their lives with some special manners they believe that their life and way to greatness is a winding staircase.on each step they have to move forward and go above but this needs efforts,focus,molarity,greatness and love for success.only then they can achieve success and greatness.greatness is not a simple thing to have. today we can`t say that every successful person is great, yes every successful person is not many people are successful but they even don`t know the word greatness!yes! we have no answers because they are corrupting, they are also successful but they are not we can get success and greatness both but the bet is that we have to follow a winding staircase start

greatness is a concept of superiority affecting a person.
greatness can also be referred to individuals who posses a natural ability to be better than all others.the concept carries the implication that the particular person or object,when compared to others of a similar type,has clear advantage some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard for it..
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