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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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notesPART B: Article Portfolio TASK
Collect ONE news article for at least 6 of the social and ethical issues from newspapers, magazines, news or other websites and other sources that illustrate the you have studied in this course and classify them as either: * ethical and social responsibilities of system developers - * privacy of the individual - * security of data and information - * accuracy of data and information -

* data quality -
* changing nature of work - *
* appropriate information use - *
* health and safety - * * copyright laws & plagiarism - *

For ONE of the articles you collect, find ONE emerging technology that may have social or ethical implications if it were to used widely on society now or in the future. For each article:
1. Classify the issue discussed in the article
2. Describe the nature of the issue – explain what the issue is in each case Discuss the impact of the issue on people it affects
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