Man He Killed

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  • Published : January 6, 2011
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The Man He Killed by Thomas Hardy this is dramatic poem and reflective poem . It consist of five stanza each stanza have four line . The speaker her is not the poet , it is a soldier who kills another man without any sensible reason . He is enlisted forced to join the army , he is poor, uneducated ,out of work but he is very kind and generous. He is very sensitive , he feel guilty because he kill another man without any reason , he is puzzled and unsatisfied, so he send us a massage "stop war" to show us the disadvantages of war on the word . This poem talk about tow person in the begin of meeting they were friends but after that the second person became his enemy . In the first stanza , the speaker didn’t meet the other man before . They didn’t know each other because if they know they will really met , they would sit and drink something together . The second stanza ,the speaker say " but ranged as infantry " he mean the lowest rank in the army , so he tell us from his line that he didn’t know what happened, suddenly he found himself in front of his face and each one of them shoot at each other but he killed his enemy directly . In the third stanza the soldier tell us that he is looking for an answer for killing this man . He want to convince himself that the other man is his enemy he really doesn’t want to kill any one . The poet her repeat the word " because , because " cause he has no reason to kill , the speaker here say "just so " he mean that he is unsatisfied about what happened .In the forth stanza he tell us his story , he didn’t want to be a soldier he and the other man are f
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