Man from the South Analysis

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Communication Arts 2

Rhodeza Mae M. Amelda

March 2013

By Roald Dahl (1948)

This short story tells about a bet between Carlos and a boy. It started when Carlos met the boy intuitively in front of a swimming pool in a hotel in Jamaica. The boy was a smoker. When he would light his lighter, Carlos asked him, will it work when there is wind? The boy said it always works and never fails surely. Then, Carlos orders a bet to the boy. If the boy could light the lighter ten times without fail, Carlos would give him a Cadillac car, and if the boy loses, he would lose his little finger. He doubted it but was distracted and eventually agreed to do so. After that, they came in to the hotel’s room. Carlos prepared the things needed to play the game. When the preparation have finished, the boy started to try lighting his lighter while Carlos holds a chopper hanging in the air ready to cut off the boy’s finger. When he was about to light it, suddenly the door was opened by a woman. She stopped the bet and told that Carlos is a menace. He has cut off 47 fingers from different people and even loses eleven cars because of his bet. The characters in the story were shocked. They don’t know that Carlos was a psychopath. Fortunately, the woman arrived before the bet would happen. Time

Evening, around six o’clock
The story took place in front of a hotel and in a hotel room somewhere in Jamaica.

Characters of the Story
* Major character:
Carlos: An old man from South America, around 68 to 70 years old. He has two rows of very small uneven teeth slightly tarnished. He doesn’t have any properties. He could not speak English very well, a psychopath and a menace. The boy: An American cadet from America who wants to be a sailor. He is about 19 or 20 years old with a long freckled face and rather sharp birdlike nose, has colorless eyes and has a few wisps of pale-reddish hair. ‘I’: Acted as the referee and the narrator of the story....
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