Man-Animal Conflicts in India

Topics: Wildlife, Tiger, Natural environment Pages: 4 (1537 words) Published: September 20, 2012
The man- animal conflict in the valley of Kashmir has reached a point where conflict is leaving more casualties than before and has become a matter of concern for the people living this part of the world. Although this type of confrontation is not new to the places girded by the forests but never before had number of beastly attacks and consequent deaths crossed a limited count. In Tangmarg area of the Baramulla district, four people have been mauled to death by the bears and leopards besides injuring 16 others during this year so far which by any measure is a huge number. Similarly in other parts of the valley more than a dozen persons have fallen prey to the wild beasts who are roaming in the habitations like never before. Just some days back, a gunner killed the man- eater leopard in Verinag area of south Kashmir Anantnag district that had mauled two persons to death and wounded several in the area adjoining the Mir Maidan forests. In man- animal conflict, barring Srinagar city and some townships, entire valley has become a roaming ground for the wild animals and in most of the cases the children bear the fatal brunt of their attacks. It has been observed that during the crop season in the summers and autumn, bears are on the prowl while as leopards do the job round the year. At many places wild life suffers loss as people hound the beast and then kill it to spare from its expected attacks. Government had created a separate department for not only nurturing the wildlife of our forests but also keep an eye on their movement out side their natural habitat. However, for decades the employees of the Wildlife department had little to do as far as tackling the activities of the wild animals outside their habitat is concerned. But with the shaving of the forest cover over a vast area, the natural habitat of these beastly animals got disturbed and they have no option but to roam around in the human habitations leading to man- animal conflict. It has been seen that so...
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