Man and K-pop Idol Groups

Topics: Man, Boy, Female Pages: 1 (281 words) Published: August 29, 2012
K-Pop,which stands for Korean-Pop have influenced the whole world.The famous idol groups such as Girl Generations'(SNSD),Super Junior(SJ),SHINee,Big Bang(BB),2NE1 and much more have taken down a lot of people's heart and these people have became their FANS.The reasons that made these groups so famous are because they have attractive appearances,excellent dancing and singing skills,funny characteristics and others. The groups that I love the most are SNSD,SHINee,B.A.P and Nu'est.So,ladies and gentlemen,please allow me to introduce these cute,perfect and nice people to you. First,Girl Generations',the top female k-pop idol groups which made up of 9 pretty girls that are Taeyeon(Leader),Tiffany,Jessica,Sunny,Hyoyeon,Sooyoung,Yuri,Yoona and Seohyun(Maknae which means the youngest). Second,SHINee,an awesome male k-pop idol groups that grown up from 5 cute boys that manage to steal noonas'(older sister that called by male) heart to 5 charisma man that stole young girls' heart easily.They are Onew(Leader),Jonghyun,Key,Minho and Taemin(Maknae). Third,B.A.P,which stands for "Best,Absolute,Perfect" that made up of 6 talented boys which are Bang Yongguk(Leader),Himchan,Daehyun,Youngjae,Jongup and Zelo(Maknae). Last,Nu'est,which means new established style and tempo that made up of 5 handsome boys(four 17 years old guys and only one 19 years old guy) which are JR(Leader),Aron,Baekho,Minhyun and Ren(The beautiful maknae!!!) These are the groups that stole my hearts(Hahaha...Seems like I have not only one heart...).I will love them absolutely forever in my life.
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