Man and His Cosmic Environment

Topics: Earth, Sun, Solar System Pages: 1 (337 words) Published: September 11, 2012
Before proceeding on this discussion the definition of the key words like cosmic, man and environment are necessary. Man- this is a word usually use for human race.

Cosmos- this refers to the outer space or a part of universe other than the earth. Environment- this is all the external factors affecting an organism. The factors can be living organism (biotic) or non-living (abiotic factors) such as temperature, rainfall e.t.c Man and his cosmic environment constantly interact and are both affected by this interaction. The cosmic structure of man include the earth, planets & their satellites, group of stars called galaxy, the sun and other stars. The survival of man depend solely on the cosmic environment the air,the heat and water and other natural resources from the entire cosmos particularly the earth and sun for survival. Man and the cosmic environment are addicted to each other in such a way that we say man is the head and the environment is the body-the head is the thinking faculty or brain box with wisdom to discern the body chemistry without man environment will be useless. The earth’s external surroundings is divided into four parts: The biosphere which contain materials that supports human life The hydrosphere which contains water bodies which occupy 71 percent of the earth’s surface The atmosphere is the gaseous part. It helps to control climate change by trappin radiation from the sun. The lithosphere is the solid part of the earth e.g. rocks

The sun is the greater part of nature of a cosmic environment; the sun is the central fountainhood; the source of energy for all living things. The sun is responsible for all the energy and the light in the whole solar system and man’s environment In this final note, man and his cosmic environment is not a two way issue but one; they both affect the existence of each other....
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