Man 4584 Assignment 1

Topics: Output, Input, Knowledge Pages: 2 (556 words) Published: January 23, 2011
MAN 4584 – Process Improvement Methodologies

Assignment Series Project

Week 2 - Assignment 1

This week students need to select a process improvement project to work on during this course. There are four parts to this mini-project that you will do throughout this course (read all four parts due Week 2, 4, 6, and 8 before continuing with this assignment to understand how this breaks down in the coming weeks - link). Students may select something at work (i.e. a process or quality issue that can be pursued to help grow your career) or it may be something that will simply make your life easier at home (i.e. getting ready in the morning/evening for work, cooking a meal, etc.). 1.Select One Process to Map - Do not pick a huge project as we have a limited amount of time in this class. Do not pick a process that you have no control over as you will be required to implement at least one improvement or change to the process. If you are overwhelmed defining your process, you should reduce the scope to a smaller project. This course is about applying the methodologies to improve a process so select a process you have the fundamental knowledge needed to understand the current process so you can better focus on the required methodologies to improve the process. 2.Assign Ownership and Roles - While this is an individual project, you will need to get family, co-workers, or other stakeholders in the process involved to support you with with completing your assignments. Make sure everyone knows and approves of what you are going to target for your improvement project and when you will need to finish this project. Make sure they understand that there are specific steps you have to follow to meet your course requirements on this project and that you will also need their support to provide you with input in order to complete the assignments. 3.Analyze Process Boundaries – Identify where this process starts and stops, as well as other processes that interface...
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