Man’s Search for Meaning Essay

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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What truly motivates a person’s actions and desires in life? Is it seeing a person in need of your assistance? Possibly when you discover selfless love? Or the gratification one receives when they save the life of another being? It can be as complicated/difficult as stopping a person from committing suicide to; as simple as making a person smile on a bad day. While reading the novel Man’s Search For Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl, I was inspired by how well he dealt with the gruesome situations he was put in and how long he stuck it out with the notion of seeing his family alive in the end. While in the concentration camp Frankl discovered many new aspects of his personality and those of the people around him. He also realizes a way to motivate his will to survive and cope with notion of not being able to see his family again. As I read this novel I began to question my own purpose in life. Where do I stand in this world, and what are my motivations in life? Am I a go getter or am I reflected as just a small speck of wasted space in giant mirror of the world? This essay will discover how Frankl coped with being held captive within the concentration camps and his motivations that kept him alive. Furthermore the reasons for my existence and inspirations in life will be touched upon and discussed throughout this essay. Enjoy, and hopefully Frankl’s story will touch other people’s lives other than my own.

It all happened at once. Within a couple hours Frankl, his wife (+ unborn child), brother, father, and mother were taken out of the comfort of their own homes and forced to live in the horrific concentration camps of 1942. According to the SS’s and Capos the men whom entered the camp were no longer classified as individual human beings, but as a number. Frankl was stripped of all his personal belongings, as well as his dignity, and was forced to work among other men building trenches. The men were forced to hard labour with little...
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