Man’s Best Friend

Topics: Dog, Disability, Wheelchair Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: March 10, 2013
The common house dog, the Canine, makes the best house pet. Their interactive abilities are much stronger than, for example, cats’. And because of this ability dogs provide us with much better care and pleasure. Dogs are more interactive with people than cats. They provide us with more pleasure and a better quality of life. At a basic level dogs can be taught to play fetch with a stick, and then we can have hours of fun playing “catch” with our pet. Further, the ability for a dog to be trained to perform certain tasks provides disabled people the chance to have a much better quality of life. If physically disabled, a person can teach their "dogs with jobs” to turn on lights, open doors, or if the dog is large and strong even carry groceries or help pull a wheelchair. Mentally disabled people also benefit from their trained dogs because when they learn to care for their pet and their pet cares for them in return they learn the power of empathy. In fact, because dogs are so good at being trained, they have been trained to perform life saving techniques. Large St. Bernard's have historically been used to help save people in the mountains, especially if they have been trapped by snow after an avalanche. Labradors are great for a variety of trained assistance - from helping people out of water when they have fallen overboard to pulling wheelchairs for people who need help with their mobility. This ability to learn certain skills provides us with better care than cats would ever be able to. All dogs that are trained are not just trained for their physical maneuvers, but also for their communicative abilities. Beagles are trained to bark when they sniff drugs in someone's suitcase. German shepherds are trained to snarl and growl when an intruder steps onto their property, which they protect. Labradors are trained to whimper, or cry for help, if their handler has fallen and unable to communicate.
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