Mamma Mia Case Study

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Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia is a global musical phenomenon which is playing simultaneously around the world in more countries than any other musical. It has become a global entertainment experience and has brought back to life the tremendous writing talents of ABBA's Benny Andersson and Bjorrn Ulvaeus. ABBA Fans simply can't get enough of Mamma Mia! as tickets sales are always in demand and the musical continues to sell out to packed houses night after night. Mamma Mia’s claim to fame has been a long roller coaster ride. The show had its ups, downs, twists and turns. It had gained a lot of critics and fans. It had its fair share of controversies. But nonetheless, It made people get up on their seats and dance to the song “Dancing Queen” and made everyone sing along with “Thank You For The Music.” Love the show or hate it, you can’t deny the fact that it is a phenomenal feel-good musical.

I. Main Issue
Basically, the main issue is how did “Mammia Mia!” achieve success in musical theatre? The executive producer of the musical, Judy Craymer reflected on the recent failure and wondered about the factors that had contributed to Chess’s Broadway failure. On the other hand, how did the production team deal with the opportunities, options available and consequences in creating Mamma Mia.

SWOT Analysis
ABBA music is very popular among the people of London and Europe making them a likely market.There was a rescission and loss of tourism on the 11th of September causing many shows a loss of income. The bombing of the world trade center placed the city of New York in a state of depression. This posses as an opportunity for a show like Mamma Mia to step in and brighten the mood or lift the load.Only a handful of U.S. citizens know and or like Abba music making the U.S. a hard market to attain. This poses as a problem for launching on Broadway. Bringing Ulvaeus and Andersson into the world of theater, offering the duo a unique platform for continuing their love of composing while also offering them a fresh start.Some still continue to question whether the production team’s praises are reasonable since nothing new has really been created with an exemption of a story line around some old hit songs.

Mamma Mia was not a Broadway branded production. Being compared with Broadway classics like “Les Miserables” “Miss Saigon” and “Cats”

The quality of the whole performance of Mamma Mia gained the loyalty of the audience. The better the show, the more compliments that it will get. Making it popular to other people because the viewers would disseminate the thought of how good the production was. The reputation of Judy Craymer may be brought down by her previous flop "Chess". If this happens, people may have second thoughts on watching the show. One of the writers of the script, Catherine Johnson is a renowned script writer with a pedigree in London theatre and has worked with Tim Rice, Cameron Mackintosh and Andrew Lloyd Webber on productions such as "Cats" and "Phantom of the Opera". The production hired the great director Phillida Lloyd, a renowned director known for her work at England's Royal National Theatre. Helped the project gather further momentum. Together with creative team of Mark Thompson (design), Howard Harrison (lighting), Andre Bruce and Bobby Aitken (sound), Martin Koch (musical supervisor) and Antony Van Laast (choreography).

They have weak marketing strategies. They just depend on the word-of-mouth advertising. At first this may be effective for lowering cost and at the same time having enough viewers but it would be better to have concrete advertisements for more viewers and faster generating sales.

On London theater, audiences see performances of the highest quality, made possible by conditions not often met in commercial theater: longer rehearsal periods, freedom to commit to new work and innovative approaches, support from expert voice coaches,...
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