Mamma Mia

Topics: Idea, Creativity, Thought Pages: 2 (389 words) Published: March 6, 2013

Engelyn T. Caridad BSIT 3B BAM-019 Feb 26, 2013

I. Statement of the Problem

The major problem facing of The Beach Carrier case that Mary Ricci lacks capital to produce her product and she's not willing to license or sell the pattern to a manufacturer.

II. Objectives for Problem Solution

The objective is to be able to commercialize her beach carrier to the market.

III. Alternatives Courses of Action

1. Strengths
The first and the most important thing to point out is that Ricci is "creative, optimistic, enthusiastic, flexible, and motivated." it is extremely important to have someone who is devoted and creative. Therefore, Ricci seems to have all the necessary skill to be a successful entrepreneur. Concerning the product, I think that it has some advantages. The first strength about this product is the number of pockets it is important to have a lot of pockets in a beach bag because it allows one to be organized. Another advantage is that Ricci want to provide her customers with a variety of colors. The will allow her to satisfy potential customers that differ in tastes. This strategy will also give Ricci a competitive advantage in comparison to her competitors that offer at most three different colors. 2. Weaknesses

Concerning the product, I think that the size of the bag is really big. A 36 inch bag is huge and really hard to carry if it is full because it will be heavy. If we compare this product to the competitor, it is a good idea to have wheels. I disagree with Ricci statement "oversized wheels would be cumbersome to maneuver on the sand". If the wheels are thick enough, the cart will not be able to move at all. IV. Conclusion

In my opinion the potential market has not been selected properly for the following reasons. First, the age group is 18 to 44. I think that this should be much larger because a 16 year old could be carrying a beach bag as well as a 60 year. Finally, the online selling seems...
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