Mamma Mia!

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Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia! is a stage musical written by Catherine Johnson that was adapted for the screen as a film by Phyllida Lloyd. The musical features the music of ABBA, although the entire plot is fictional. What is great about the musical that it has so much energy due to the song and dance numbers, with elements of comedy and romance added. In addition, it contains numerous catchy, well-known songs that grab the audience’s attraction. The songs fit into the story naturally, any interruption of story development, never being shoehorned in at awkward, unlikely moments. Mamma Mia! was successful as a musical because it contained so many wonderful songs in addition to a good storyline, all of which was very enjoyable to viewers all around the world. Premise of the play could be really simple; love should not be shared with too many people. In other words, the clear message that the play is telling people is that they should be responsible for their actions. Although the play, for the most part, very optimistic, it is depicts what people should not do. Because the play is entirely fictional, it has an ironic, happy ending that might exist all the time in the real world.

Dramatic structure is very simple. The play starts with a girl named Sophie who is engaged and soon to be married. She is raised by a single mother. Sophie finds out who her father could be by reading her mom’s diary. This is the exposition where Sophie discovers background information relevant to the rest of the story. Sophie then invites these three men, Sam, Harry and Bill, to her wedding, so she can identify which one is her father. This is the inciting incident because it creates conflict between her mother, the three men and Sophie herself. As the story pass by, Sophie makes a huge decision, that she does not care which man is her father and wants all of them in her life, because her mother and the three men refuse to talk to her about the past. This moment is the climax, because it...
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