Mami Jot

Topics: Debut albums, Internet, Idea Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: April 26, 2013
Kristina Nuho
Composition II

Methodology: 30 surveys
To examine my hypothesis, my methodology included collecting sources mostly from internet. My topic is refer to how the advertisements affect the teenagers so I thought that I would find more information in the internet because this topic is refers to the advertisement something that evolves and change every day so my sources would be more reliable and up to the date that have occurred. Except of that, I find a good idea to talk with some professors that are aware and to help me to find information for this topic. In My online research, I found lots of information like articles, reports and sources. I decide to use only one data base “EBSCO” because I found the most important information there, so I did not had to search somewhere else. After I founded my sources, I start to prepare my survey questions and my interviews too. In the beginning, I had prepared some simple questions from my survey that were more general. When I talked with my professor, she advised me to make my question more specific, so I had to change them and focus more in my topic. Firstly, I prepared a questionnaire in English and then, I translated to Albania, because the people that I was going to distribute the surveys were Albanian citizens. I decide from the beginning to go to two places in order to distribute my surveys. On Monday 22.04.2013 at 13:00 I went to Kristal Center and I distribute fifteen surveys, then at 14:00,I went to the nearest café “Corner” and I distribute the other fifteen surveys. In both places the people were very kind and collaborative with me. The facts that were many people from different ages, genders and places help me finish more quickly. Finally, my survey was done and I was content and ready to move on, in examine my results.
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