Mamage the Mediation Process

Topics: Mediation, Dispute resolution, Conflict resolution Pages: 3 (781 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Manage the mediation processes
1. Possible benefits of researching and collating a history of disputes and dispute resolution within an organization, including triggers for disputes The date of the dispute
* Disputes arising at the same time can indicate a problem exclusively confined to a particular environment at any given time * Increasing disputes or decreasing disputes highlight patterns * Can pinpoint who or what was relevant on the day the complaint was made The persons name making the complaint

* Can highlight serial complainers and perpetrators
* Can identify patterns relating to people and facilities The trigger
* Can identify patterns and common problem areas
* Can indicate training requirements have changed
Causative factors
* Can represent opportunities for improvement
Previous disputes
* Can identify whether the problem is isolated or widespread Factors required to enable resolution
* This could include additional staff, training, an amendment to product or service

2. Important points to consider when researching the history of disputes - The officer must be able to identify what the business needs or wants to know

3. Examples of requirements in the context of mediation
High power interested person - requirements can be very specific like monetary compensation for instance or very general like preference to the type of meeting place. Other requirements may include legislative, procedural or logistical High Power less interested – considerations relating to time restraints Low power interested - adequately informed and consulted

Low power less interested – communication that is not excessive, interested in the end result 4. Common types of distributes include – general disagreement, communication involving rudeness or omission Settlement mediation - Model may be useful to resolve these disputes because this model encourages incremental bargaining towards compromise, enable the parties to give a...
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