Malunggay & Makahiya Extract for S.I.P.

Topics: Moringa oleifera, Science, Injury Pages: 3 (468 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Category Makahiya and Malunggay Leaves as Effective Wound HealersCluster A:Guihulngan National High School-Poblacion, Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental| The researchers are trying to find means to help students in case of emergencies or accidents such as having wounds and injuries inside the school campus. Medicines and first aids are not always available at the clinic in times of needs. In this situation, the researchers decided to find other alternative resources to treat such minor wounds and injuries. Since our school has plenty of herbal plants around, we have many options but we selected makahiya (mimosa pudica) and malunggay (moringa oleifera) and used rats as our subject. We measured 1 centimetre each tail of the rats and using a scalpel, we maim it. After that, we used makahiya extract to treat one of the rats and the other is treated with malunggay extract from the leaves. After a few days, we noticed that the wound treated with malunggay reduced its length from 1 centimetre to 0.5 centimetres. On the other hand, we noticed that the wound treated with makahiya reduced to 0.9 centimetres. We varied the treatment; we did it weekly and shifted daily just to study the difference. We measured the length and noticed that the result was almost the same as we did it daily. Treating rats is not easy for we need to handle rats carefully, with the discovery made by the researchers; they’re willing to extend their help especially from the hinterlands. Therefore, malunggay is a wound healer that has good effect on wounds and injuries and is more relevant because it can be found in almost all surroundings .|...
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