Malungay Powder

Topics: Nutrition, Vegetable, Mortar and pestle Pages: 4 (780 words) Published: February 16, 2012
Malunggay Powder, A Solution for Nutritional Diffeciencies

I. Background of the study
Health awareness is the prime investment, ingenuity is the investor’s joining effort, and wellness is the net gain. Most people think that adapting a healthy and well conditioned life is expensive and difficult to achieve. The significance is just how one resourcefully utilizes the cheap, the natural abundance of nature, and the untiring quest to alternatives and remedies. Malunggay is a kind of vegetables that is enrich with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are needed for optimum health. The importance of this vegetable particularly its leaves serve as a food supplement, Malunggay touted as “All- around miracle tree or Nature’s medicine cabinet” contains a wide variety of nutrients in high amounts. This powderized form vegetable add nutrition to our deficient diet due to modern food preparation, lack of family food budget, and busy lifestyles that make it hard to prepare a healthy and balanced diet food. It acts as an inexpensive insurance against nutritional deficiencies.

II. Significance of the Study
This study will promote awareness on the relevance of serving vegetable meals, soup, bread, dessert, shakes, juices and mixes with Malunggay powder. It encourages households to plant Malunggay in their backyards for personal consumption. Furthermore, it supports the Department of Agriculture on their program of propagating vegetable garden e.g. Malunggay and other nutritional vegetables as a revenue-generating industry´ under its biotechnology program where it currently enjoys wide array of Malunggay and other vegetable based products manufactured in the Philippines and being sold in local and international markets. Finally, it inspires people to study and research all the benefits of vegetables and other agricultural products. II.Scope and Limitations of the Study

The study focused on the specifications of how to procure the major quality...
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