Malslow's Theory

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  • Published : August 7, 2008
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Why do people work? This question seems to be unusual. However, it is primary question in people’s life, because they want not only earning for fundamental goods but also valuable life. While in ancient times, people usually worked for survival, as civilization progresses, they have made their desires to variety. Therefore, in every work places, employers need to control employees’ desires for efficient performance. Fundamentally, they were required to approach which factors influence people to work harder and faster. As one of the result of the approaching, in 1943, Maslow established his theory about individual development and motivation. He classified needs into five sets; physiological, safety, love, esteem, and self- actualization. The theory as is called Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is the best known and widely used need theory of motivation. In this essay, the legitimacy of the theory and acceptable situations in work place if it is true are illustrated.

First of all, the theory is classified under two grade; deficiency needs and growth needs. In the deficiency needs which may be inflexible, as the lowest level, there is physiological need such as water, food, and shelter. This need is the most predominant need to desire until it is gratified and it is a basic reason why people do work in their life. The next grade is a security. It can be satisfied with protection from physical and psychological threat. People consider about their future because it cannot be expected. Therefore, they want to stability of short-term as well as long-term. As regard workplace, if employer ensures job security such as pension plan and working condition, it could be satisfied. Both of those are involved to deficiency needs.

In the growth needs, love needs are mentioned as social needs. These include relation of colleagues, sense of belonging, and affection. People can feel a sense of existence by the needs as they are factors to organize society. The higher stage is...
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