Malnutrition in the Philippine Society: Problems and Their Scope

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  • Published : January 30, 2013
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One of the problems confronting Philippine society today is malnutrition. It has been reported that two thirds of the young population, mostly in usual areas, are malnourished. Malnutrition has also been found to have a direct effect on the mental development of children. Balanced nutrition supports mental process in test situation. The well hungers for the ability recalls information and relay it quickly accurately through hand-eye coordination. Compared to students partial meal nutrition faster and make fewer number of usual skills on test the FRAC reports. Children who get enough nutrition and energy from food have better responses them those who don’t. Jollibee in school feeding program aims to address hunger (Busog) to improve the health condition of the students (Lusog), ensuring their attendance in participation in classes (Talino). It serves to catalyze community supports to sustain the results of the program of the parents themselves involved in the feeding process, it in the hoped that proper feeding will start at home so that students come to school Eveready ready at able to learn their lessons . The foundation is recognized for its consideration work in addressing hunger among public school pupils to help prevent dry out, and improves the pupil’s ability to learn better through BLT school feeding program and has nourished our 25 000 pupils to date. As future elementary teacher, we plan to provide good and quality teaching to our students. We know that a good and quality teaching provides good absorption to the students in order for them to absorb easily and faster. As a teacher, we are concerned about the academic performance of our students, that’s why we conduct assessment in our plan to evaluate their performance in the school. The capacity and the ability of a teacher in delivering teaching is a important aspect in teaching, when the performance of the teacher is poor, the students can’t absorb the lessons easily and it might be the reason why they have a poor performance in the school. Aside from the teaching strategy, there is a big thing that we might consider as a part of teaching. It is the nutrition status of the students, according to ERIC ( Educational resources information center) The physical, emotional, and intellectual impact of nutrition on children's ability to learn is the subject of this guide for school personnel. The guide is divided into two parts and includes two appendices. Part 1, "What We Know About the Relationship Between Nutrition and Learning," reviews research linking nutrition and academic performance. Children's behavioral development and learning ability are affected by such early nutritional influences as low birth weight and the adequacy of food consumed in day care. Evidence of the impact of hunger and under nutrition on learning is presented. A number of recent studies indicate the positive effects of child nutrition programs on children's nutritional status and learning ability. The problems of obesity and the consumption of sugar and food additives are discussed. Part 2, "Putting Into Action Our Knowledge About the Relationship Between Nutrition and Learning," provides suggestions for solving students' nutritional problems. Steps that school employees can take to ensure that children have access to nutrition programs are enumerated. School action to ensure the provision of healthful food and nutrition education is described. Theoritical Background

The BLT is Jollibee foundation in the school feeding programs that addresses hunger among undernourished Grade 1 and 2 pupils in public schools and helps them to stay in school by keeping them fit and healthy. Daily lunch is cooked and serves by organized parents groups. Alliance building for collaboration among local education stake holding ensures program sustainability. THEORIES

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