Malnutrition in Bangladesh

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1. Introduction 2. What is malnutrition? 3. Malnutrition and poverty 4. Causes of Malnutrition 5. Prevalence of underlying determinants of malnutrition 6. Impact of malnutrition 7. Child malnutrition: global scenario 8. Child malnutrition in Bangladesh 9. Overeating vs. Hunger 10. Recent malnutrition and deadly diseases in Pakistan 11. Global financial and economic crisis: 12. Future Threats 13. Prevention of Malnutrition 14. How can ICDDRB contribute to alleviate the problem? 15. Conclusion and Recommendation 16. Acronyms 17. Bibliography

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1. Introduction:

Malnutrition is widespread and has been recognized as a public health problem in Bangladesh. People living in absolute poverty are more susceptible to infection, disease and malnutrition. Due to economic distress condition Bangladesh people especially children are badly affected by malnutrition. According to the UNICEF and WFT research about nutrition report, two million children are suffering from acute malnutrition in Bangladesh where one quarter of all households is hungry.

Nearly 60 per cent of the households surveyed said they had insufficient food over the past 12 months, with real household income plunging 12 per cent between 2005 and 2008. At the end of last year, nearly two-thirds of income was spent on food, 10 per cent higher than the 2005 average. Bangladeshi people has+ been suffering malnutrition problem since the British period. This is not new something about nutrition. From the British period until now many Government has come and gone but no government has taken any proper step to remove the poverty. That's why people especially village people have been facing this malnutrition problem seriously. Recently it is heard that local and International NGO has contributed a lot to remove poverty from Bangladesh.

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2. What is Malnutrition? :

The orange ribbon—awareness ribbon for malnutrition. Malnutrition is the condition that results from taking an unbalanced diet in which certain nutrients are lacking, in excess or in the wrong proportions a number of different nutrition disorders may arise, depending on which nutrients are under or overabundant in the diet. The World Health Organization cites malnutrition as the gravest single threat to the world's public health. Improving nutrition is widely regarded as the most effective form of aid.

3. Malnutrition and Poverty in Bangladesh

Poverty and malnutrition is interrelated. There is a two-way link between poverty and malnutrition. Poverty is one of the most influential risk factors of malnutrition and malnutrition can lead to poverty. Poverty affects nutrition throughout the whole life-span in a broad spectrum of manifestations, such as an increased propensity to infectious and noncommunicable diseases, a reduced physical work capacity, a lower learning capacity, an increased vulnerability to lifestyle-related and environmental risks, a reduced participation in social decisions, and a negligible capacity to face environmental challenges

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4. Causes of Malnutrition:

Although most people have felt hunger at some time in their lives, hunger is not the same thing as malnutrition. Malnourished people lack the nutrients for proper development and health. According to United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), about one person out of 12, worldwide, suffers from malnutrition. This includes 160 million malnourished children, less than five years old. In over half of children's deaths, malnutrition is involved. Malnutrition is not because of only a single reason, but is a...
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