Mall Parent Child Observation

Topics: Father, Mother, Family Pages: 3 (1173 words) Published: November 13, 2011


This observation took place on Saturday October 17th at Town Center Corte Madera at approximately 2:00pm. The day was bright and sunny and the Mall was full of all kinds of parents and children. I choose a male child approximately 3 years old, wearing blue top and black pants with sponge bob square pants sneakers. The mother was wearing a yoga outfit as most mothers in Marin seem to wear these days. She was in her mid-thirties. Dad was also present, he wore a short sleeved Hawaiian print shirt with Khaki shorts and flip flops, and he too seemed to be in his mid-thirties. I was sitting at the table near the elephant fountain facing the fountain with my back to the store so know one could read over my shoulder for this observation. I chose this area so I could be close enough to her the conversations and far enough away as to not be noticed. I had my lap top out so as to seem inconspicuous. As the family arrived I noted that both mom and dad held a hand of their child as they approached the area. The child had a big smile on his face, and the parents seemed taken by his mood. Both the parents and the child sat down at a table across the small court yard from where I was. Almost immediately after sitting down the young boy let go of both the mother and the fathers hands and gingerly walked over to the fountain where other children were already playing. As the child moved a way from the parents approximately four steps toward the fountain he turned and looked at both mom and dad, the mother said “it’s ok, go ahead Dillon, the father smiled and opened his eyes wide and nodded as if to say go for son. The child turned and moved in the direction of the elephant fountain. The mother and father both watched intently as the boy moved on. A few steps from the circle of the fountain (which sits up higher than the ground with a brass ring around it to stop people from falling in) the boy met a girl of...
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