Mali 2013

Topics: Mali, Moussa Traoré, Alpha Oumar Konaré Pages: 4 (1366 words) Published: May 28, 2013
Mali 2013

Canada is known for its maple syrup and friendly people. France is known for the beautiful language of French and gelato and Mali is known for its cultured history and agriculture. But never have the three countries been connected in so many ways. The lifestyle and culture of Malians has slowly changed over the years and there are many things that can contribute to the change, these being; Mali history, economics and politics. In 1960, Mali became independent from France with their president as Modibo Keita. It became a socialist state with only one party. 8 years later President Keita fled Mali and nearly five years later the West African Economic Community formed, which had a mission to promote economic integration across its people. Around 1977, Keita was killed in prison, which resulted in Lieutenant Moussa Traore becoming president. Overtime new constitutions were formed and President Traore became re-elected until 1992 when Mali elected their first ever-democratic president, Alpha Konare to take over. During the years of president Konare, a peace agreement was signed with Tuareg tribes and many years later in 2001, the Manantali dam produced its first megawatt of electricity. April of 2002, Amadou Toumani Toure won by a landslide in the election and became Mali’s new president. For a little over a year Mali was run smoothly, with France cancelling 40% of Mali’s debts owed and a government of national unity being unveiled. The year 2003 is when the world started to see conflict in Mali. Clashes between rival Muslim groups, plague that cut harvest by 45%, and fears of rebellion arose. And just as people expected, in 2007 Tuareg rebels began to attack government soldiers killing many people and taking many people for hostage. As 2010 rolled around, Mali, Niger, Mauritania and Algeria join together to tackle a threat of terrorism. In the past year (2012), many things have happened in Mali. In May of 2012, rebel groups merged and declared that...
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