Male Teachers Perform Better in Schools Than Female Teachers (350 Words)

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Title: Male teachers perform better in school than female teachers

Female teachers in schools are getting more common than male teachers these days compare to last time when females were only taught to be housewives. However, schools without male teachers are prone to have disciplinary problems. Some of the reasons why male teachers performed better in schools than female teachers are male teachers are better discipliners, better leaders and better emotion controller than female teachers.

Male teachers are better discipliners than female teachers. This is because females are recognised to have a softer side that can affect the discipline actions taken on naughty students. Besides that, rebellious students will take the motherly side of female teachers for granted and cause trouble. Therefore, male teachers are more suitable to discipline students as their strict personality can intimidate students.

Another reason why male teachers perform better in school than female teachers are male teachers have better leadership than female teachers. This statement is supported by the fact that men usually play the dominant role in their family whereas women play the submissive role. Therefore, male teachers can lead a class better and be a role model to students especially to male students. Moreover, most of the well performed schools are lead by male principals.

Male teachers can work more efficient than female teachers at all times. This is because men have better emotion control than most women and won’t get distracted by personal issues. They have better focus in their work than female teachers and have certain ego that makes them to do their best in their job. Therefore, the drive in male teachers to perform better is more than female teachers.

In conclusion, male teachers can teach better than female teachers. Although female teachers are known to be like mothers in schools, schools still need male...
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