Male Prostitutes

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  • Published : May 20, 2012
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Man-hookers and their Superiority
In today’s modern day and age, people are doing the completely unheard of and have begun to reject any kind of limit that has been put upon them. Suddenly, women are running for President and men are becoming beauticians – breaking all rules of logic. It is not unheard of for any women to exclaim that they can do something better than a man but what about the multitude of things that a man can do better than a woman? Anything from your ordinary housewife to a nail lady has become open for a man to make as his career. While many women may disagree with this concept, in the end, men do it better. There are no jobs that are ordinarily for women that men cannot take and perform them better, and yes even unmentionable jobs such as prostitution. Men make better prostitutes because of their determination to pleasure their clients to the best of their abilities, their strength and their ability to blend in and not get caught by the police. The struggle between the sexes has been on-going for centuries and it is safe to say that men have always won. Although women may argue that they have the same rights and abilities as men, it is only because men have given them those rights and abilities – without men to give them what they want, women and virtually powerless. In regards to prostitution, it is safe to say that men would have the upper hand in satisfying their client much better than their female counterpart. According to research done by anthropologists Kathleen Catanese and Kathleen Vohs, “Men think about sex more often than women, experience sexual arousal twice as often, have more frequent and varied sexual fantasies about more different partners… men are twice as likely to initiate sex. Complaints of low sexual desire and difficulty achieving orgasm are far more common in women than men” (Sex Differences In...Sex). All of these statistics prove to that men are more appropriate for sex work than women because men are more...