Male or Female Teachers

Topics: Teacher, Education, Gender Pages: 4 (1332 words) Published: February 24, 2013
The battle of the sexes is perhaps one of the most common discussions that have ever taken place. Each gender seems to have an innate need to try to prove that their gender is better than the opposite. This discussion created the entire nation of feminism, sexism which spawned countless books and many arguments. Gender difference provide content for discussion in a variety of media including movies, television, books, magazine and research. However, differences between female and male teacher have not been fully researched and analysed. Hence, this study explores teacher’s and student’s perception of female and male teachers effectiveness. Understanding teacher’s perception of gender-based differences among Negeri Sembilan Matriculation College (KMNS) teachers can lead to better improvements in teaching education and professional development programmes. It also may lead to the recruitment of more men into the teaching profession. In addition, collecting perception of teachers and students may lead educator to better understanding of why there are so few male teacher. Teacher interact differently with student of similar gender than they do with student of opposite gender. Likewise, a teacher’s perception of student characteristic and ability appear to vary systematically by gender. Other studies, found male student benefit at the expense of female student in the amount and quality of interaction received from teacher of both gender. On average, student of male teacher score worse than a student of female teachers. These cast doubt to the argument that teachers instruct student differently based upon sex of students. The presence of a teacher really affects the life of a student. Teachers play a big part in the lives of their students. A teacher has the main role to be a mentor....
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