Male Gaze

Topics: Emotion, Feeling, Audience Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: March 8, 2013
Textual Analysis

We see the theory of the male gaze prominently in this scene taken from transformers in which the appealing force is Megan Fox and the character she plays. This is done through the micro-elements in the film and especially the cinematography in this scene. One major area is her style of clothing. We see her in a typical light, short skirt and a crop top alongside the tan and curves. This draws the eye of audiences in order to portray her in the light that male audience’s desire. Throughout the scene we have a lot of shots of Mikaela walking towards and away from the camera, this gives the opportunity for her to draw in the attention by showcasing her body.

We have a low angle shot of Mikaela walking away, this shot gives us the impression that she is her than everyone else and she is looking down on others. We know at this point that she as a character has hold of the audience as she is framed to the left but still seems to have the attention in the frame. This is a prime example of the ‘gaze’ doing what it is aimed at doing.  Her body language throughout the scene is very resistant towards Sam, as if she is trying not to show him too much attention and this is basically portraying her to be playing hard to get. Even though she has Known Sam for a long time we see that she does not recognise him showing that she doesn’t pay attention to the other male characters and maybe this is reflecting the male audiences as well by her being used to males looking at her.

We see Sam trying to impress her with his car and when it breaks down we see his masculinity undermined when Mikaela knows how to fix the car. This breaks the stereotype of her just being a piece of ‘Meat’ there to be looked at by men. We know that this scene is from the prospective of a male as there are shots that are P.O.V from Sam. Shots like this are a good way of portraying an object in the views of someone else- giving the desired impression of the object.  

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