Male Female Relationships

Topics: Male, Female, Gender Pages: 2 (702 words) Published: February 11, 2011
Male / Female Relationship
In a male/female relationship it is said that both of them are doomed to understand each other. Its partially true because being different genders one will always think differently. There will always be arguments in deciding one thing or another. Two examples that show how decisions are being made by both male and female are in “Modern Love” and “Hills like white elephants”. Both genders have difficulties in agreeing with things, but eventually one of them will agree and give up deciding to go with whatever it is their loved one wants. Usually that is when the relationship between a male and female couple is good. Even though there is differences in a relationship, they tend to make things work out because of the importance of understanding one another.

It is hard to agree or understand the opposite sex. Not understanding the opposite sex does not mean we no longer are attracted to it. Even though it is hard, we are attracted enough that we end up trying to figure out how to make the opposite sex happy. That is the way it always is in a relationship between a male and a female. When in a relationship there are arguments and difficult decisions to make. Trying to figure out the right way to go can sometimes make the couple argue and fight. In order for the couple to stop arguing one of them will need to give up and go with what their loved one says. This happened in the story “Modern Love” by author T.C Boyle. This story is about a couple that had different opinions about germs and becoming sick. The female by the name Breda was obsessed with germs and becoming contemned by anything. He did not like how obsessive she was, but loved her and put up with it. He accepted every thing she wanted. He did not understand why she was the way she was, but because he loved her he accepted her for who she was and avoided arguing with her. This is how a relationship between a male and female should be, but because of differences that both sexes...
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