Male and Female View of Personal Hygiene

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  • Published : August 2, 2008
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A typical college level male enrolled in 8 o’clock morning classes wakes up at 7:55AM, rolls out of bed, grabs his books and heads to class. Notice anything missing in this routine? If you are a female, you probably noticed. If you are a male, probably not. There is something missing, however, and quite a few of them. For instance, brushing teeth, hair, washing your face, changing clothes, applying deodorant, perhaps some body spray, and to take things even further, a shower to start the day off right. Cosmo girl magazine noted in a recent survey taken by males that 70% of college aged males have no hygiene routine when they wake up in the morning. They only start to focus on their looks and smell when it is brought to their attention. If they get irritated by that gross feeling in their mouth, they brush their teeth. If they force themselves to lower their arms when wanting to answer a question in class, they apply deodorant, or if it has been long enough, they take a shower.             Females of the same age are quite more conscious of the way the look and smell. When given the same schedule as I mentioned earlier, a typical girl might start her routine even the night before. Showering, blow drying and straightening her hair. Then when the 7:00 alarm goes off, and after pressing the snooze button a few times, she crawls out of bed, never forgetting to brush her teeth, wash her face, apply makeup, even if just mascara (c’mon, its 8 in the morning!). Applying deodorant and perfume, changing clothes, not that she had worn the day before, because she had switched those the previous night for pajamas, grabs her books and heads off to class.             Why do women do these things, take this much time out of our sleep, just to get ready for the day? For that cute, smelly jock whose in the 8 o’clock class as well? Maybe just to show up the other girls who came to class that morning, or a combination of all. Society tends to praise women for their beauty, one of the...
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