Male and Female Psychology

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Note: These notes are based on varies internet searches and books. This does not by any means cover every aspect of the male psychology, not does it refer to every single male out there. Each gender has a variety to adopt and express themselves, but the general idea remains. This is what was meant to be portrayed in these notes.


* “Rules of Masculinity”
Emotional toughness, courage, self-reliance, rationality
Duty, loyalty, responsibility, integrity, compassion
Competitiveness, ambition, dominance, risk-taking

Men in Relationships:

“Show enough affection, but not too much”
Men feel like there should be a reasonable amount of affection in terms of wording and body movement. Women should show that they care, but not too much to where it suffocates them. To men relationships should be free and natural, too much of anything can be a bad thing. Taking away the freedom, plays a huge part on the commitment issues and the overall survival of the male in a relationship. “Give him hope, but don’t fall into his arms”

Men find it exciting in chasing a woman, which is why women that are too accessible are never a good start. This also has to do with the though process that women that are too accessible the first time, are just as easy to get for other men. In the men’s book is a turn off. Men are considered to be predators, then hunt. Hunting, is what keeps them interested. Although, if the hunt goes on for too long they will give up. Men cannot handle refusal, just as bad, if not worse, then how females handle it. The chase has to be flirty, yet deniable at the same time. Give him hope, but don’t fall into his arms. This plays along later in the relationship as well. You have to keep the relationship exciting. Give him something to chase once in a while. When men know they completely have you, and that’s it, they loose interest in the hunting game. A woman that keeps busy, and doesn’t always reply makes him wonder in a good way, as long as all is done in limit. “Beauty catches attention, but it’s the mind that keeps a relationship” It has many times been proven and researched that men are visual creatures. Their first instinct is their sight when it comes to women. They notice women for their beauty, and that may be enough for a few dates. Most men though look for a woman that has more then just beauty to her, but a brain. A woman with a good head on her shoulders can hold a conversation, and keep him interested in not just a sexual way. This also plays part in relationships. Once things tend to get serious, a man looks for someone he would happy to come home to and talk about things. The woman’s job is to keep that conversation going, and interesting. Beauty eventually fades, maybe not even with old age, but just with the time spent together. The intelligence remains. Also keep in mind, men like women who like themselves, as long as the women is not in love with herself. “Leave him in charge, but show your character once in a while” Men do like to be in charge, and they feel masculine in doing so. In the world we live in today, men feel that masculinity being diminished. Women are able to work, have careers, make decisions, and etc. In their eyes, men feel like they need to still show that they are the male figures. They do so in various ways. In starting out relationships letting the male pay, is the norm in most cultures. This has to do with the male being considered the head in the family in a more serious relationships. Men want to be able to protect and provide for their family. This, in the mind, is a way of showing that they are who they are. That all is true, but with the culture we live in today, men also look for woman that are strong and self-reliant when she needs to be. A women with her goals and mind in the right places is a huge turn on for men.

Men and Cheating:

“Why do men cheat with uglier women”
This play part in being superior in the male character....
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