Male and Female Gender Roles.

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When men and women in the past are compared, they are viewed as unequal; each having their own morals and certain levels of rights. Even when women had gained their rights, they were still seen as below men. Men, viewed as the higher power, were able to obtain jobs and responsibilites that women were not occustomed to having. Although, during modern days, women have the ability to work where ever and what ever they want. There is nothing holding them back, except themselves.

Female and male gender rules are typically the same now and days. There really isn't anything holding women back from working where ever they want to. They don't have to be house wives anymore. They don't have to stay home and take care of children all day long. Women have the ability to obtain jobs as well as take care of a family if they choose to. Although, you most often you see men as doctors and lawyers, or possibly any other respectable job- this does not mean that they are the only ones that can do so. Modern day women are able to work as doctors, lawyers, or business women if they please. People would not look at it as though it is a crime, or something that is out of the ordinary. You even see women taking on jobs in the police force and the army.

Men may be seen doing more of the difficult jobs, rather then women- but it's not because they're not aloud to. It's more of the fact that they don't want to. If a women chooses to work as a police officer, then she has all the right to. If she chooses to join the army, there really isn't anyone stopping her. No one can say no them, just because of their gender. This is why both gender rules are considered equal.

Unlike the past, men and women are considered more equal now and days. Men, always being considered the higher power, are no longer the only ones that can obtain certains jobs and responsibilities. Modern day women have the right to take on mostly any responsability or job that they want.
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