Male and Female Communication Style

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Male and female have the same basic human need to be understood by others to communicate. We might not agree with every theory of the differences between male and female communication, but we do notice some differences from their speech styles to the real goal of their speech as well as their physical aligment when it’s time to talk. Deborah Tannen, linguistics professor and author of You Just Don’t Understand, believes that men and women differ in the focus, or driving force, behind their communication. According to Tannen, men converse with a focus on achieving social status and avoiding failure, while women focus on achieving personal connection and avoiding social isolation. For example, women desire intimacy in conversation, to feel connected to others, but men will desire to give information while remaining independent of the other party, or women will try to avoid the appearance of “superiority ‘’ during an discussion period, but men will be comfortable telling others what to do and appearing “superior.”. These differences gives men and women differing view of same situation. Another view on the differences in male and female communication comes from James, W, psychologist in university of Texas, by using a special computer programm , James found that women use more social words to express more feelings and to make a point. However, men use fewer words and express fewer feelings. These styles of communication are some of the example James provided to contribute to the gender talk experiment. Another experiment was to establish a creative expression exercise. The point was to figure out which gender Is the most creative for radio talkshow topic. Subsequently , they chose three couples who have lived together for while and then invited them to participate in a day long broadcasting workshop. The show was supervized by two professional journalists to make sure that the participant follow the rules . Furthermore , to do not influence their behavior ,...
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