Male and Female Communication

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  • Published : November 2, 2011
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Most of the time women and men are thought to be totally different, as if they were from different planets! But if we look at it really closely, we can see that men and women have grown up in the same societies although they interact with each other differently. Sometimes females and males have dissimilar interests .For example, when men get-together, they talk about sports all day long, but women talk about new fashions as much as they want .But just by looking at this we can’t stereotype and think that all males think in a different way, and all females think differently .This is because there are males who communicate fluently with females, with no barriers at all, and there are females who communicate better with males than females! Below, I mention some points that differ in male and female communication methods. One difference between a female and male communication style is that males communicate to give information. They will give facts about a certain topic whereas, females communicate most of the time to bond and maintain their relationships. Females can go into detail and talk about a topic for hours and hours unless it is something important and, ( about the project their working on, discussing about a business matter)they even share their own experiences. Nevertheless, males don’t like to talk about their personal lives . Another difference between males and females is that males want to WIN at anything they do, but females want to find a WIN-WIN solutions to any problem. So, in other words, males are very competitive, but females are not. If females were competing against other females, they would try find a solution that will make everyone winners. Another difference between males and females are that males approach in solving problems are very rational. This means that men are able to give sensible and realistic answers to their...
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