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China Discovers the Maldives. By: Gluckman, Ron, Forbes Asia, 17932181, Dec2011, Vol. 7, Issue 14 Database:
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China Discovers the Maldives
1. Talking tourism with the island president
2. FORBES ASIA: Tourism keeps this nation of 1,200 islands afloat, and China is sending 22% of your visitors this year -- almost twice as much as your second-biggest market, the U.K. What are you doing to keep this business coming? 3. The Maldives are part of a trend of Chinese sampling higher-end, more remote spots -- Fiji added flights to Hong Kong two years ago, switching its focus from Japan, where the market had leveled off. Do you expect the number of Chinese visitors to hit a ceiling or keep rising? 4. You are negotiating with a Chinese company, Chengdu Century City, to develop a series of islands with resort hotels, shops and other attractions in what would be the country's biggest project. Isn't this a huge leap? 5. You're planning to allow resorts on inhabited islands, reversing a policy that segregates resorts from the Muslim population. Why? ListenPauseStopSettingsDownload mp3?Close

Talking tourism with the island president
When Chinese travelers are choosing a beach resort overseas, they're now picking the Maldives more often than Bali, Phuket or any other destination. The country got 61,000 visitors from China in 2009 and then 119,000 last year, with newlyweds on their honeymoons making up much of the business. In the first nine months of this year the number of Chinese visitors reached 146,668, a 62% jump from the same period in 2010. A new airline focused on the China market, MegaMal-dives, started flights this year from Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing. China Southern,...
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