Malcom X

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  • Published : April 10, 2013
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Isaiah Washington
Lynn Roesch
English 100
October 7, 2012
“Free” Behind Bars

With education being the problem for Malcolm x, and also being one of many African Americans imprisoned with no sense of the English language. Malcolm x quickly found use of his time behind bars in the biography titled “Coming to an Awareness of Language”. With only a dictionary, dedication, and the willingness to emulate someone else, he gave himself the greatest gift of all, education. An important tool he planned to use more than ever. Before Malcolm X was in prison, he had never been the one for inaction. Everything he has felt strong about, he always did something about. Unable to do anything else he started writing to letters to people in the hustling world, such as Sammy the pimp, john Hughes, the gambling house owner, the thief jump steady, and several dope peddlers. He would always write to them about Allah and Islam and Mr. Elijah Muhammad. Since he never knew where these people actually lived he would just send the letters to where he met these people. But since the average hustler or criminal was too uneducated to write a letter, he never got a reply. Malcolm X became frustrated of writing these letters to people because even though he had so much to say to the world, he couldn’t write simple English and was not articulate enough to express everything he had to say in the letters he did write to people

Malcolm x was more than determined to become educated, and with only an eighth grade education he knew that he had to do something. Malcolm x met a guy named bimbi that was much more educated the malcom X. malcom X knew this because he noticed how bimbi always took charge of any conversation he was in. so malcom x decided to emulate him by trying to read the things bimbi was reading. As quoted in the paragraph 10 of “Coming to an Awareness of Language” malcom X said “I had tried to emulate. But every book I picked up had few sentences witch didn’t contain anywhere...
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