Malcolm X and Mlk Sources

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  • Published : April 21, 2008
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Seminar Presentation

Topic: Comparing and contrasting the different strategies and tactics of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X. The research will present each man’s background and analyze their successes and failures during the civil rights movement. Throughout my analysis, I will argue that Martin Luther King was far more successful as a African-American civil rights leader than Malcolm X. Through his courage and selfless devotion, MLK’s movements and marches significantly changed the fabric of American life.

Why I choose the topic: I choose this topic because both MLK and Malcolm X are the two most popular civil rights activists in our nations history. At a time of discrimination and chaos, these men embodied courage and determination. Another reason I choose this topic is to examine and understand the reasoning behind each man’s methods. As Theologian James Cone states in is book Martin, Malcolm, & America, “Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream for the nation while Malcolm X saw America as a realized nightmare.”

Why this topic relates to my major: Throughout my policy management courses, I have studies policy decisions of the government, company’s, institutions, ect. Since policy management focuses on the application of problem-solving skills, I decided to research the individual decision making of MLK and Malcolm X to comprehend what steps they believed America should take to eliminate or reduce discrimination.

Research Found:

-Revolution of Conscience – Martin Luther King and the Philosophy of Nonviolence by Greg Moses -To Make the Wounded Whole by Lewish V. Baldwin
-The Autobiography of Martin Luther King Jr.
-Martin, Malcolm, & America: a dream or a nightmare by James Cone -Malcolm X: in our own image by Joe Wood
-Making Villains, Making Heroes by Gary Daynes
-Making Malcolm by Michael Dyson
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