Malcolm X

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  • Published : April 17, 2013
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Tyrin Harris
History 100
Peter Hohn
February 8, 2013
Malcolm X and the Limits of the Rhetoric of Revolutionary Dissent
Celeste Michelle Condit & John Louis Lucaites argues that, Malcolm X the most thorough and relentless revolutionary dissident of the 1960s, who loudly implored his Black brothers and sisters to use “all means necessary” to bring about social and political justice and equality for Black America. It was impossible to know whether or not Malcolm X’s evolutionary vision would ever have produced a positive and peaceful program of political action capable of effectively organizing, motivating, and directing Black America against the system that oppressed it, for he was robbed of the opportunity to try at the age of 39.

Celeste Michelle Condit & John Louis Lucaites also argues that, Although Malcolm X later realized, by challenging the origins of the negative characterizations of Black constructed by White rhetoric, he actively revised the image of Africa and thus spurred the revision of a positive and affirming Black American identity (Malcolm X, 1965b, P. 168; see also Malcolm X, 1970, pp. 160-161). Most specifically, he publicly characterized the shifting nature of his dissent as a new way of seeing, literally citing the capacity of a new generation of Blacks “to look at the thing not as they wish it were, but as it actually is” (Malcolm X, 1968/1991b, p. 135).

They have really put a lot of information from when Malcolm X first started to when he was killed and how he still had a lot of things he was not eligible to do because he was killed. I feel that the most important quote that I have read while reading this is when Malcolm X said, I’m not out to fight other Negro leaders or organizations. We must find a common approach, a common solution, to a common problem. As of this minute, I’ve forgotten everything bad that the other leaders have said about me, and I pray they can also forget the many bad things I’ve said about them...
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