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Malcolm X

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?Ronald Martinez
Professor Rigolino
Freshman Comp 2
May 8, 2007
The Conspiracy Theory of the Assassination of Malcolm X
Throughout history, time and time again great leaders have been assassinated. Unfortunately, some of the greatest leaders in our nation, who have only promoted positive change, have been the victims of an assassination. Too often when an individual stands up for the improvement of rights for people, which may contradict the political view of a government, he or she is seen as an enemy to the country, and becomes a statistic of the innocent lives lost for the sake of “peace and equality.” One of these many leaders is known as Malcolm X. Malcolm X was a man who through extreme measures attempted to promote equality for African Americans within the United States, only to have his faith in his people be his downfall. The assassination of Malcolm X was a conspiracy plotted against him by the American government because they feared that his power was too great over the American people, and it would jeopardize their ideals to maintain a segregated nation (Kamene).

In an article written by Boyd Herb called A Salute to Malcolm X, he explains that there were many variables which may have triggered Malcolm X’s assassination. It was evident that due to his ideals, Malcolm was disliked by many people. Not everyone wanted to aid in the advancement of African Americans, and not everyone was comfortable with the fact that he de-masked a lot of “con-artists” who only feigned to support the movement and Malcolm X himself. An example of this is a man that Malcolm actually considered to be his idol before he encountered his true intentions: Elijah Mohammed. Mohammed was one of the founders of the nation of Islam, and was a great mentor to Malcolm. Malcolm looked up to this individual as if he was a prophet; as a man with nothing but wisdom to give. Malcolm soon discovered that Elijah was a con-artist, and only acted as this religious figure to control the...

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