Malcolm X

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Malcolm X Compare and Contrast

One of Spike Lee unique moments in the movie that was also in the book was about Malcolm X mother. In the book, it quotes Malcolm X saying, “I have rarely talked to anyone about my mother”. In the movie, Malcolm was in a bar in Harlem where a white man approached him; the white man called Malcolm a nigger and a boy. Malcolm X did really pay him any attention until the white man said “What you going to do, go home back to your momma. When the white man said that it angered Malcolm and he picked up a beer bottle and hit the white man in the head. Then he said, “Don’t ever talk about my momma.” The book and movie both conveyed the same love Malcolm had for his mother but in different ways. Spike Lee told Malcolm X story in the same way Malcolm X told his story to Alex Haley in the book. Spike Lee used the most important events in Malcolm X life, inside the movie. The Book and the movie both are about the unique events in Malcolm X life, just told in different ways. Spike Lee used the exclusive detail in Malcolm X life and made it into a movie. There is more detail in the book about what Malcolm X was really thinking about at the time. Spike Lee version only had little detail of Malcolm X was really thinking. Another important moment that was in the movie and book is about Malcolm X hair. Malcolm X wanted to be so much like the white man he had dyed his hair reddish brownish to become a white man. In the book, it quotes Malcolm X saying “This was my first really big step toward self-deprecation: when I endured all of that pain, literally burning my flesh to have it look like a white man's hair. I had joined that multitude of Negro men and women in America who are brainwashed into believing that the black people are "inferior" and white people are "superior" they will even violate and mutilate their God created bodies to try to look "pretty" by white standards." In the movie the Malcolm X and Alex Haley was...
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