Malcolm X's "Learning to Read" Analysis(a Score of 7

Topics: Essay, Writing, Malcolm X Pages: 4 (671 words) Published: March 3, 2012
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Malcolm X's "Learning To Read" Analysis(a Score Of 7
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Malcolm X's "Learning To Read" Analysis(a Score Of 7
Throughout Malcolm X's "Learning to Read" his tone and attitude frequently changes. Although the emotions are faintly projected, his tone and attitude are caused by a change in his own emotions, which correspond with the beginning, middle, and end of the passage. The essay not only expounds his lack of reading skills while young, it expounds upon the importance of reading to him today. If a thorough assessment is made, he exclaims that reading is important to readers' lives as it was to his, aiding to shape ones morals and principles. Without the ability to read, a basis for intellect and perception, it becomes increasingly difficult to build your own ethical views.

The diction of Malcolm X is fairly simple, but simultaneously, his use of small strong words and metaphors magnify the excerpt's power as a whole to the reader. In the quotes "The Parasitic British Administration kept tentacling out to half of the subcontinent," and "The stage thus set, he then turned upon his non white Is this essay helpful? Upgrade your account to read more and access more than 550,000 just like it!

get better grades victims his weapons of war," he creates metaphors using words the reader likely knows , but also shows the reader that even the most simple minded person can gain knowledge and exert their strength through reading and writing. His diction also projects other things to the reader. In another paragraph he states that colleges have "too much panty raiding, fraternities,...
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