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Nutrition Resource Guide 2011

PREFACE To the Servicemember: The nutrition resource guide was developed to provide a compiled list and location of available nutrition resource available to Navy members and their families. Refer to the following resources to assist in improving your personal nutrition. To Fitness Enhancement Participants. This guide is provided to increase your awareness of available resources to assist you with increasing performance and/or achieving a healthy body weight. To the Command Fitness Leader. This guide is to be used with your Command Fitness Enhancement Program. Distribution of the Nutrition Resource Guide is mandatory for all Fitness Enhancement Program participants. Ensure you and your ACFLs are aware of these resource as well as other local resources. While you are not trained to provide diets or nutrition counseling, knowing how to align resources with a person’s needs will greatly assist with the nutrition component of fitness.

Section 1 – Nutrition Resources
Whether you are looking to improve performance, body composition, or general wellbeing, the following tools may be used to put any program or meal plan into perspective. These tools convert scientific evidence into practical applications to improve eating choices.

1. National Nutrition Guidelines
a. The 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Released 31 January 2011, the updated. Guidelines (located at ) focus on improving the diet and preventing obesity. Key messages include: (1) Balance Calories to Manage Weight (a) Enjoy your food, but eat less (b) Avoid oversized portions (2) Food to Increase (a) Make half your plate fruits and vegetables (b) Make half of all grains “whole” grains. Replace refined grains. (c) Switch to fat-free or low fat milk (1%) (3) Foods to Reduce (a) Compare sodium in foods like soup, bread, and frozen meals – and choose the foods with lower numbers (b) Drink water instead of sugary drinks (4) Building Healthy Eating Patterns (a) Select an eating pattern that meets nutritional needs over time (b) Account for all food and beverage consumed and assess how they fit within a total healthy eating pattern b. This free web-based program (located at provides sound advice on what and how much to eat. Utilize this website for a personalized meal plan. Other websites may be appealing for tracking food intake, however many are inaccurate in calculating nutrition needs

2. Navy Nutrition Program/Tools
a. Shipshape. An evidence based, behavioral health program specifically designed for members who exceed BCA standards. This program meets for approximately one-hour once a week in a group setting. Topics include basic nutrition, stress management, physical activity, and behavior modification to promote lifestyle changes that support healthy eating and activity. (1) The CFL is the liaison with the MTF Health Promotion Director and refers members to ShipShape as needed. After successful program completion, CFLs must record completion in PRIMS. Program information, locations, and quota request forms to be completed by the CFL are located at (2) ShipShape is highly recommended for members who fail to meet weight standards or are in jeopardy of failing. It is also recommended for adult family members in support of family readiness. It is not a mandatory program and should not be treated as such by commands. All FEP participants are encouraged to attend the first class to learn more about the program. (3) ShipShape is available at all Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs) including branch clinics. Any members interested in becoming a course facilitator, especially those that have decreased their body fat through lifestyle modifications, are encouraged to attend the facilitator course. b. Mission Nutrition. A standardized, science-based...
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