Malaysian Habits

Topics: Malaysia, Singapore, Traffic Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: March 8, 2013
As a typical Malaysian, we’ve all experienced sitting in the backseats of our parent’s cars, seeing motorists speed up at the yellow light and just narrowly escape colliding with an oncoming vehicle. This is the norm for us, and we’ve long become accustomed to this occurrence.

In Malaysia, we have many bad driving habits, one of the frequent ones is inconsiderate driving. Cutting lanes and speeding up without looking at the rearview mirrors first, not stopping for pedestrian crossings, irrelevant honking of the car horn and double parking.

Cutting lanes without making sure there aren’t any cars behind you is extremely dangerous and could harm not only you but the cars around you. Unlike other countries, Malaysians don’t tend to stop for pedestrians, they also tend to honk their horns when in a jam, even though it makes no difference. Double parking occurs very often in Malaysia, often outside shophouses, and this can be very troublesome if your car is blocked by an inconsiderate driver.

Some people in Malaysia even run red lights! Running a red light is the leading cause of road accidents in Malaysia, and the percentage of accidents steadily increase from year to year. Illegal U-turns also occur often.

The last driving habit i will be talking about, is also one of the worst. When accidents occur on the road, passing cars will slow to a crawl to find out what had happened. This almost always causes a major traffic congestion on highways.

Malaysia should stop these bad habits because they only bring harm and inconvenience to others.

Malaysians have many personality traits, though there are many bad ones there a few good ones. These habits and traits are what make us different from other countries.

When we talk about a Malaysian’s personality the most discussed trait is the way we talk. Malaysians always add certain slangs such as ‘lah’, ‘mah’, ‘haih’ and many more when talking, these slangs are used so often in our lives that we don’t...
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